The Benefits of Boxing.

Increases strength and power

You can pick up practically any magazine and read about how boxing is known world-wide for its array of health & fitness benefits.

The most common include stripping body fat, toning the body by building lean muscle and increasing your fitness through the roof. Celebrities do it... sports professionals from a multitude of disciplines use it... It's no secret!

The Benefits of Boxing at Action Boxing & Fitness

As our instructors have had 15+ years experience competing & training in one of the toughest individual sports ever, they have been able to design group fitness classes to get you lean, fit & strong!

We have trained in boxing gyms in London, Muay Thai gyms in Thailand, Various boxing gyms across Australia and expanded our knowledge to cross over to fields such as Olympic Weight lifting.

Increases muscle tone and cardio vascular fitness

Action Boxing & Fitness is a non-threatening, down to earth gym that makes anyone (nice people) feel welcome. We’ve been SO lucky to attract a diverse range of awesome, friendly people that could soon be your new training buddies... There's no heroes here!

The gym has been operating for around 11 years now. My interest in boxing started about 18 years ago when I moved back from Sydney and wanted to lose weight and through boxing training, saw and felt huge results. After losing around 30kg (I didn't use the scales for quite a while) and dropping around 3 - 4 dress size. I was wrapped in the results and wanted to help others reach their goals.

It's not just about the cosmetic changes that make you feel proud. I remember having to do the cross country at school (around 1.2km) and walking every step of the way. Fast forward to going through a medical in order to compete in boxing and the doctor reveals I have a resting heart rate of 44! Even he was shocked and checked it again.

Almost everyone is incorporating boxing training into their classes & personal training sessions. Everyone knows the benefits boxing in terms of stripping body fat and overall toning & conditioning but it's not as beneficial if it isn't done properly. Don't rely on a "training partner" or a fitness instructor who has completed a one day boxing course to give you a good boxing work out. Come into Action boxing & fitness and do a class (you get your first one free) so you can feel & understand the difference of real boxing training.

Our Specialised Equipment Includes:

Equipment includes Boxing ring, 21 bags (various weights and sizes)

If you would like to do some research before coming to the gym you can read every last detail on this website, jump over to our facebook page & go through our reviews or give us a call.

We are a very small gym, which means you will get to know everyone pretty quick and soon learn that we have a great cross section of members.

We’re looking forward to meeting you, and hope you get what you need out our various training options!