Thrasher is a 45 minute high intensity body conditioning & body fat stripping session drawing on all the large muscle groups to ensure you smash a huge amounts of calories at each session while helping you to become fitter, leaner & stronger.

We achieve this by combining boxing (bag work) with resistance training  (weighted & body weight exercises). The exercises we use in these sessions have been used for decades by fighters all around the world and are guaranteed to sharpen you up mentally & physically.

Sessions include squatting, lunging, jumping, bounding, sprinting, pulling, pushing, lifting, throwing, crawling, core work, burpees and basically any exercise that engages more than one muscle group or body part to complete. (There will be no bicep curls or tricep extensions in this session).

We use body weight, battle ropes, kettle bells, slam balls, medicine balls, power bags, tractor tyres, olymipic weights and more! PLUS we add in boxing (bag work) to squeeze every last drop of energy out of you. We want you to be burning body  fat in the gym and in the hours after you leave, so there is no room for exercises targeting only our little muscles.

These sessions have been designed by former amateur & professional boxers / fitness instructors with Olympic lifting qualifications. As our instructors have experience at one of the toughest individual sports, they have been able to design group fitness classes to get you lean, fit & strong.